Claire's is a retail store chain founded in 1961. The chain has 3,000+ stores in North America, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and South Africa. Most stores are generally small-sized locations within shopping malls or in outdoor lifestyle centers. The company is headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (USA).

Occasionally the store is labeled Claire's Accessories or Claire's Boutique.

History Edit

Claire's began as Fashion Tress Inc., a manufacturer of wigs and accessories, and went public in over-the-counter trading. In 1973, it became FT Industries Inc. after purchasing Claire's Boutiques. In 1983, it became Claire Stores Inc., which is the current name of the company. In 1999, Icing by Claire's was created when the company acquired Afterthoughts.

Products Edit

Claire's specializes in accessory products aimed for preteen and teenaged females, such as jewelry and perfume. As well as their own perfume line, fragrances from Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and Hello Kitty are also sold. They also sell notebooks and pens, stuffed animals, hair accessories, belts, and some clothing. The stores offer a wide variety of styles in their products, ranging from punk, gothic, emo, and rock chick to pink, glittery, girly and flowery items. Free ear piercing is offered at most Claire's locations as well, with a purchase of piercing studs and ear care antiseptic.

Icing by Claire's Edit

Started in 1999 when Claire's acquired another chain, Afterthoughts, and was re-branded. Icing is geared more towards older teenaged girls and young women. Like Claire's they sell accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, make-up, and other items.

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